PollerBear is a simple preference based polling app that helps groups make decisions fairly and efficiently.

Try our rank example or our majority rules example to see how it works.


This is a short list of FAQs. For more information, please contact us at support@pollerbear.net.

Why should I use the rank poll type?

This allows your voters to rank the poll options instead of picking a single winner. We take those rankings and use the Borda count voting method to find the winner. Each candidate, or option, is given points based on the position each voter ranks it. The option with the largest number of aggregated points, therefore the option that satisfies the most people, is the winner. This is a consensus based voting method, unlike simple majority rules.

How are points calculated in a rank poll?

The points given to each vote are calculated by giving your first choice points equal to the number of options in the poll. If there are five options, first place gets five points. We then subtract one point for each rank below first. Second place would get four points and last place would get one point.